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Good Samaritan Discipleship is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


June 2017

This last year has been a busy one for Good Samaritan Discipleship. We have completed the building structure and are ready to install electricity, bathrooms, septic system and benches.

We are planning on a dedication of the building next May 2018. Please help us finish the project by donating to our cause. The final fund raising goal is $30,000.

The Ebola crisis is hurting this country so much. Education of the people of Liberia will need our help to stop the spread of this terrible disease.

Please consider a gift of $10 * $100 * $1000 today to support this important effort

Our goal is $30,000.

Purpose of Good Samaritan Discipleship

The chief mission of the Good Samaritan Discipleship is to assist in building a school and rehabilitation center in Bomi County, Liberia in order to help improve a community of strong, healthy and productive families, and to empower and nurture them, through training and education, including adult literacy, feeding programs, and economic empowerment.
Although Liberia is endowed with great natural resources, continued internal displacement of the population and the absence of infrastructure depress the productive capacity of the citizenry. The country currently has an unemployment rate of 85% and an illiteracy rate of 85.5%. Commercial activity has slowly been increasing and some stability is in place with the help of UN peace keepers and with new political leadership, but capacity is still limited. Because of this, there are mass movements of people to areas which have access to humanitarian assistance.
Nearly all youths witnessed the terrible atrocities committed during the war. These child soldiers are highly traumatized and many are afraid to return to their original communities for fear of being prosecuted. This makes an unhealthy society for child soldiers and community members. In order to return to their former lives, there is a need to de-traumatize, rehabilitate and reintegrate these children back into their communities.
Due to the traumatic situations these child soldiers faced, it has been hard to rehabilitate them. They lack the attributes of self-awareness and empathy. They remain vulnerable and there are inadequate programs to develop proactive ways of promoting academic achievements, as well as social and emotional education.
Good Samaritan Discipleship aims to develop, nurture, and educate children; and rehabilitate and integrate former child soldiers and other traumatized victims in affected communities.
Read the Ground Breaking for School article in June, 2010 in the Daily Observer.

How We Plan to Achieve Our Objectives

Board member and GSD director, Martha Daidii, travels to Liberia often bringing with her donated goods for distribution. Mrs. Daidii is a native of Monrovia and is familiar with the community there. She uses her familiarity with the area to hire people to help with the distribution. Special emphasis is put on children from 0-12, orphanages, special care homes and hospitals.

School and Rehabilitation Center

Groundbreaking for the school and rehabilitation center in Bomi County was held on April 13, 2007. The school land is located in the village of Kle, Bomi County, outside of Monrovia, and the town has a population of approximately 1000. Building plans and blueprints for the school and rehabilitation have been drawn up, and the village elders and leaders are in support of the school and rehabilitation project. When the construction project can be launched, Mrs. Daidii will conduct the hiring of the contractor in Liberia, and she will monitor and oversee the construction project.
Another key objective of GSD is rehabilitation. We have started a counseling program to further this objective. There are presently three counselors who work with former child soldiers to encourage them to go back to school and regain a sense of self-worth. There is also a need to educate children and young adults in nutrition. Many young females have children of their own and malnutrition is a problem in the city.

Importance of Activities

Building of the physical structure of the school and rehabilitation center is paramount to achieving the goals of counseling, education, and rehabilitation, and is the primary objective of this organization. We are a 501(c3) tax-exempt entity and an annual report will be available yearly.


Good Samaritan Discipleship 10/18/2014
  • Martha Daidii - Board Member was in Bomi County, Liberia supervising the project and moving it forward
  • Exciting developments - the walls and foundation are almost done and ready for the roof
  • Next step is to finish the floor which involves adding a dirt base topped with cement
Martha needs your help to finish raising the roof. The education of the children is so important. The Ebola crisis is hurting this country so much. Education of the people of Liberia will need our help to stop the spread of this terrible disease.
Please consider a gift of $10 * $100 * $1000 today to support this important effort. Our goal is $30,000.
Good Samaritan Discipleship 12/11/13
Martha Daidii, the founder and principal force behind Good Samaritan Discipleship, our primary representative on the ground in Bomi County, Liberia has been to Liberia for extended stays over the last 3 years. During this time some progress has been made on building the school for the children of Bomi County. We are continuing to support this project. This an update of our progress.
2010. Building Begins
Formal Groundbreaking
Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson attended the groundbreaking for our school along with other local dignitaries.
Dave Svendahl, board member, accompanied Martha to Liberia to get the project started and start the building. They met with staff at the US Embassy, US AID, and officials from Bomi County and the Kley area. Good Samaritan Discipleship distributed donated clothing and books to the Jawajeh School run by the Liberian Vice-Presidents Wife.
Supplies were purchased, vendors were secured and workers hired to begin construction of the school. Travel was very difficult getting to the work sight and negotiations with suppliers was challenging.
Clearing of the land was done by hand to prepare the job site. The cement, sand, and tools were delivered to the site. The foundation was hand dug and completed during this year.
We have hosted two fundraisers during 2010 and received donations of a total of $4500. This money was expended for supplies to build the cement blocks. This were done at the work site by hired workers. No machinery was involved in making of the block.
2011. Project Continues
We continued to try and contact organizations and local government agencies to secure additional funding. Contact with these officials at times was difficult due to agencies closed for a number of reasons. Progress and work continues even though we are presented with challenges and delays.
During the time that Martha was in Liberia (December 2010 - April 2011) 5200 cement blocks were made and placed for drying. GSD sent funds to hire the cement workers, guards, truck for transporting materials and workers and supplying food for the workers. She had a good meeting with the superintendent of Bomi County. Martha was able to resubmit our grant proposal to the US Embassy in Liberia.
Fundraising continues, but additional support is welcomed. Our Saviour's Lutheran Church community has been a strong supporter along with Goodin Company and Gray Plant Mooty Law Firm.
Martha returned to Liberia again in December 2011 to June 2012.
2012. Project Continues
Martha continues to meet with government officials and agencies attempting to secure additional funding.
2013. Martha Returns to Liberia
We ask for your support both in prayer and financial as we continue moving forward to build this school that is truly needed in this part of the world. The children have missed out on education since the war ended and struggle to this day to get an education. Please go to the GiveMN link on our fundraising page.

If you would like to make a donation today, please click on the donations link and enter your name, address, and the amount you wish to donate or mail your check or money order to the address below.

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