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Good Samaritan Discipleship is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
Liberia is the centralized republic situated on the West coast of Africa, bounded by the Republic of Guinea on the North, Sierra Leone on the West, Ivory Coast on the east and the Atlantic Ocean on the South. The size of Liberia is 43,000 square miles, with the population of about 3.3 million. Liberia is the oldest republic in Africa, with a market based economy, that is now beginning to recover from the ravages of the nearly 14 years old civil war. There is no reliable data on average per capital income in the recent time, but it is estimated at only a small fraction of the pre-war level. Prior to 1990, that cash economy was based primarily on iron ore, timber, diamond, rubber and gold.
Liberia up to now has about 85 percent unemployment rate and about 85.6 percent illiteracy rate. The continued internal displacement of the population as a result of crisis coupled with the absence of infrastructure throughout the country continued to depress the productive capacity of the citizenry, despite the country's being endowed with natural resources and potentials.
The youth population was badly victimized during the civil war. An estimated 50,000 children were killed and many more were wounded, orphaned or abandoned. Nearly all youths witnessed the terrible attrocities committed during the war with some personally participating in the act. According to United Nations sources, about 21 percent of the combatants disarmed are child soldiers under the age of 17. Many of them remained traumatized while others are still addicted to drugs. The number of street children in Monrovia and abandoned infants has increased significantly following the disarmament process.
The nation Liberia totally collapsed in the 14 years civil war in all forms and manner. The situation in the West African country completely remains urgent following the end of the war. Since in the inception of the war in 1989, about 250,000 people have been killed, over 700,000 went into exile in the neighboring countries and beyond and the those who remaining population are internally displaced under very deplorable condition. Though commercial activities are gradually been restored with the coming of the United Nations peacekeeping force, micro and microeconomics capabilities are still limited thus leading to mass movements of people to areas accessible to humanitarian assistance. This has alarmingly increased the rural to urban migration at unacceptable level and scale. Internally displaced people (IDPs) in the various areas are supported by international humanitarian organizations.
In October 15, 2005 a general presidential election was held, followed by a runner-up election on November 8 the same year in which Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, a Harvard University trained economist, became the first elected female president of an African nation. The Liberian people are determined to move forward and not look back as President Johnson-Sirleaf has always emphasized. http://www.churchworldservice.org).
Mrs. Martha Daidii is one of the survivors of that devasting civil war, founder of the Good Samaritan Discipleship, a non-profit organization to assist children and families in her war-ravaged homeland. "I had to flee Liberia 1989 and found myself on a refugee camp in the Ivory Coast amidst thousand other LIberians, many who were orphaned children", Martha said. "In 1999 God put a burden in my heart for mission to Liberia. I began praying for God to make a way for me to return to Liberia and support the kids physically and spiritually, who, like myself, were victims of the war. This burden inspired me to start the Liberian Good Samaritan Discipleship. It is a challenging ministry opportunity God had presented to me. I have made several mission trips to Liberia since 1999."

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